International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Czech Republic
October 9-12, 2022

FACE-to-FACE Conference

allowing the authors of accepted papers from the countries with pandemic travel restrictions to present their contributions in a videoconference mode

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Accepted Special Sessions

The process for submitting a paper to a special session is similar to submitting a regular paper. Please refer to the PaperCept Conference Manuscript Management System website, and access the conference Submit a contribution to IEEE SMC 2022 section, chose Special Session Papers, and use the correct session code for your submission to one of the following accepted special sessions.


Code Title Proposers Keywords Main Contact Content
kjx99 Machine learning for Intelligent Imaging Systems Jinshan Tang*, Sos A. Agaian Computational Intelligence; Image Processing/Pattern Recognition; Machine Learning email file_download
tw1f1 Perception, Control and Optimization for Land Transportation Systems Hongjie Hongjie Liu*, Ming Chai, Xiwang Guo Optimization; Agent-Based Modeling; Fuzzy Systems and their applications email file_download
9a3j8 Learning to Optimize in Intelligent Systems Zizhen Zhang*, Hu Qin, Haitao Yuan, Xiwang Guo Neural Networks and their Applications; Heuristic Algorithms; Optimization email file_download
5u7jm Computational and Medical Cybernetics György Eigner*, Levente Kovacs, Imre Rudas Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning; Image Processing/Pattern Recognition email file_download
xb7n7 Computer Vision Technology in Electric Power System Ke Zhang*, Yongjie Zhai, Zhenbing Zhao Neural Networks and their Applications; Machine Vision; Image Processing/Pattern Recognition email file_download
3496b Recent Advances in Intelligent Manufacturing System Scheduling and Optimization Xiwang Guo, Jiacun Wang* Machine Learning; Evolutionary Computation; Heuristic Algorithms email file_download
es74y Cyber Modern Technology on Medicine, Health Care and Human Assist Syoji Kobashi*, Noboru Takagi, Koichi Tanno, Kazuo Kiguchi Cybernetics for Informatics; Computational Intelligence; Biometric Systems and Bioinformatics email file_download
p379q AI for Edge and Cloud Computing Systems Jing Bi*, Haitao Yuan, Mengchu Zhou Computational Intelligence; Heuristic Algorithms; Machine Learning email file_download
2xir2 New frontiers of Intelligent Pervasive Healthcare Systems Gabriella Casalino*, Giovanna Castellano, Uzay Kaymak, Gianluca Zaza Computational Intelligence; Fuzzy Systems and their applications; Intelligent Internet Systems email file_download
15m1i Intelligent operation, maintenance, and scheduling of industrial manufacturing processes Ziyan Zhao*, Kaixiang Peng, Shixin Liu, Chuanfang Zhang Industry 4.0; Machine Learning; Heuristic Algorithms email file_download
77tw1 Learning from streaming data - advances and challenges

Jan Platoš*, Michał Woźniak, Michal Choras, Bartek Krawczyk, Sebastian Basterrech

Machine Learning; Neural Networks and their Applications; Expert and Knowledge-based Systems email file_download
1waes Adversarial Machine Learning for Safety and Security in Cyber Physical Systems Narayan Apurva*, Sandeep Paul, Beiyu Lin Machine Learning; Hybrid models of NN; Neural Networks and their Applications email file_download
4g7t6 Big Data Science and Computational Intelligence Yan Pei*, Bo Liu, li jianqiang, Yu-Chih Wei Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning; Information Assurance & Intelligent email file_download
w6ja9 Quantum Cybernetics and Machine Learning Chunlin Chen*, Daoyi Dong, Apurva Narayan, Giovanni Acampora, Qing Gao Cybernetics for Informatics; Machine Learning; Computational Intelligence email file_download
4m4pt Soft computing methods in real-world application Yan Pei, Kei Ohnishi, Yun-Huoy Choo* Evolutionary Computation; Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computing; Neural Networks and their Applications email file_download
992n2 Intelligent Industrial Environments and Cyber-Physical Industrial Systems Thomas Strasser*, Amro Farid, Pavel Vrba Cybernetics for Informatics; Application of Artificial Intelligence; Computational Intelligence email file_download

Human-Machine Systems

Code Title Proposers Keywords Main Contact Content
4v19w Collaborative Technologies and Applications Weiming Weiming Shen*, Jean-Paul Barthès, Junzhou Luo, Amy Trappey, Jano Souza Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Human-Computer Interaction; Human Factors email file_download
18ga7 Multi-modal Diagnosis of Human Brain Disorders Jing Li*, Zhaojie Ju, Weihong Ren, Xiantong Zhen Affective Computing; Human-Computer Interaction email file_download
hky29 Human motion analysis and applications Bangli Liu*, Baihua Li, Shengyong Chen, Naoyuki Kubota Interactive Design Science and Engineering; Human Performance Modeling; Human-Computer Interaction email file_download
3y3qc AI for Human Performance Monitoring (AI4HPM) Abbas Khosravi, Darius Nahavandi*, Giancarlo Fortino Human Performance Modeling; Wearable Computing; Human Factors email file_download
cfecr Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things Giancarlo Fortino*, Weiming Shen, Antonio Liotta, Wenfeng Li Interactive Design Science and Engineering; Information Systems for Design/Marketing; Multi-User Interaction email file_download
2394j Interactive and Wearable Computing and Devices Giancarlo Fortino*, Peter X. Liu, Wang Zhelong, Li Ye Wearable Computing; Interactive Design Science and Engineering; Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems email file_download
jj8j3 Information Systems for Design and Marketing Yi Zuo*, Katsutoshi Yada, Hao Wang Information Visualization; Mental Models; Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems email file_download
5ivec Intelligent Perception of Environment for Human-Robot Confluence Jianhua Zhang*, Guoyuan Li, Junhao Xiao, Xu Cheng Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems; Human Factors email file_download
cc863 Patterns for Shared and Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Collaboration and Cooperation Frank Flemisch*, Marcel Caspar Attila Baltzer, Marie-Pierre Pacaux-Lemoine, Yuichi Saito, Makoto Itoh, David Abbink, Tom Carlson Interactive Design Science and Engineering; Human Factors; Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems email file_download
abqcv Maritime Systems Engineering Koji Murai*, Jie Wang Human Factors; Kansel (sense/emotion) Engineering email file_download
c3kdb Humanized Crowed Computing Yan Pei*, Li Jianqiang, Mengchu Zhou, Peter Sinčák Human-Computer Interaction; Human Factors; Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems email file_download
932qa Mutual learning for robust brain-machine interface-actuated devices Gloria Beraldo*, Stefano Tortora, Luca Tonin, Emanuele Menegatti Human-Machine Interface; Brain-based Information Communications; Human-centered Learning email file_download

Systems Science and Engineering

Code Title Proposers Keywords Main Contact Content
r17v3 Intelligent computing and its application Guo-Ming Sung*, Jen-Hsiang Chou Distributed Intelligent Systems; Social Network Systems; Intelligent Learning in Control Systems email file_download
2r75t Adaptive Collaboration Systems Haibin Zhu*, Weiming Shen, Giancarlo Fortino Distributed Intelligent Systems; Decision Support Systems; Cooperative Systems email file_download
8i64u Human Machine Interfaces and Haptics Saeid Nahavandi*, Edward Tunstel, Rodney Roberts, Honghai Liu Robotic Systems email file_download
m8p91 Design, Modeling, and Analysis of Controllers for Cyber-Physical Systems Remigiusz Wisniewski*, Luis Gomes, Mengchu Zhou Discrete Event Systems and Petri Nets; Model-based Systems Engineering email file_download
5dx6s Agile and Cooperative Manufacturing based on Automated Guided Vehicles (ACMAGV) Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Dariusz Mrozek* Intelligent transportation systems; Cooperative Systems; Logistics Informatics and Industrial Security Systems email file_download
5qxif Immersive Telepresence Technologies, Experiences and Applications – Telepresence 2.0 Tiago H. Falk*, Adrian Stoica, Nikhil Deshpande, Jan van Erp, Salvatore Livatino Modeling of Autonomous Systems; Robotic Systems; System Modeling and Control email file_download
43j25 Context Awareness in Connected Society & Systems Marie-Hélène Abel*, Alessandro Correa Victorino, Giancarlo Fortino Cooperative Systems and Control; Decision Support Systems; Distributed Intelligent Systems email file_download