International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Czech Republic
October 9-12, 2022

FACE-to-FACE Conference

allowing the authors of accepted papers from the countries with pandemic travel restrictions to present their contributions in a videoconference mode

is over ...

Participation Instructions

General Points

In the long-lasting history of IEEE SMC conferences, IEEE SMC 2022 is the first edition that is carried out in hybrid mode. Therefore, we are experimenting with some new concepts, and the system is admittedly quite complex. So please be patient and relaxed when things are not as perfect as we would like them to be. Therefore, please also make yourself in advance familiar with the Program. Moreover, below are also some guidelines and instructions for session chairs, presenters, and the general audience to run the conference as smoothly as possible and to make it an interesting event for all of us.

Instructions for Session Chairs

On-site participation

  • If you chair a session, there is not much difference from a normal conference. Please introduce the speakers, make sure that they do not exceed their time (15 minutes for regular and special session papers), and moderate the discussion (5 minutes for regular and special session papers).
  • During the discussion, there may be questions from the online audience. So please keep an eye on the Zoom session (or your co-chair or the technical staff who observe specifically the Zoom session) to see if someone raises hand or sends a question in the chat, and allow them to speak as well.
  • As the on-site presentations are streamed in Zoom, everybody must use a microphone. During the discussion, a microphone will be passed to those who have questions. If this should not work, please repeat the question, so that the online audience can hear it. If questions are asked via Zoom chat, please read them so that the on-site audience (and the speaker) can hear them, too.

Remote participation

  • Please join the Zoom session well before the conference session starts. The link to the online session can be found on the online conference platform (access information is provided via email that all participants will receive).
  • Verify that there is at least one author per paper online to answer questions during the discussion.
  • Make sure that you have access to the program of your session and keep it in a window that is easy to access during the session. Mind your local time! If you are not in the CEST time zone, we recommend using a time zone conversation tool like to convert the conference time (in CEST) to your local time.
  • You will be made co-host of the session, just in case. The session is based on prerecorded videos that are played by the technical staff in Prague. Ideally, you should not need to worry about these technical details. But be patient if things are not as smooth as expected.
  • Turn on your microphone and (optionally) video at the start of the session to introduce it, as well as during the discussions.
  • Our technical staff will routinely mute all participants except for the chairperson, the speaker and the participants that engage in the discussion. Anyway, please remind people to mute themselves when not speaking.
  • During the presentation and the discussion, keep an eye on the chat window and the participant's list to observe if someone raises a hand. After the presentation, allow them to ask question(s).
  • As the online sessions are played in the physical session room, too, there can be questions from the on-site audience in Prague. This will be indicated by the local staff in the Zoom user representing the physical room (named according to the room, e.g., MERIDIAN). Do not forget to look at this participant, too.
  • Stimulate discussion, if needed. You can ask questions, too, just like in a normal on-site session.

Instructions for Speakers

On-site participation

  • Please upload your presentation to the presentation PC before the session. This will enable swift handover.
  • As the session will be streamed via Zoom, you have to use a microphone to make yourself heard online.
  • Please make sure to keep the schedule (15 minutes for regular papers) to allow for questions (5 minutes for regular and special session papers).

Remote participation

  • Please be online well before the session starts to test your audio and video connection and to communicate with the session chair.
  • The link to the Zoom session can be found on the online platform directly on the respective session page. Access information for the online conference platform will be shared with all participants.
  • Please keep your mic and camera off all time except during the discussion following the presentation of your video.

Instructions for Audience

On-site participation

  • As the session is streamed via Zoom, you must use a microphone to make yourself heard online. Please wait until the technical staff or the session chair pass the mic to you.

Remote participation

  • When joining the Zoom session, please use your real name, so that people know who you are.
  • Please keep your mic and camera off all time unless instructed otherwise.
  • If you have a question, please use the “raise hand” feature of Zoom (which can be found in the participant's list) or by typing in the chat.
  • Be ready to ask your question when the chair calls you. Note that time for questions is limited.
  • The success of the conference also depends on you. So use the opportunity to engage in discussions!


How do I get access to the online conference platform?

Registered participants will receive the login information right before the conference start by email.

Is there a possibility to change the time slot of my presentation?

No, the Program is final! Since the online conference platform needs to be set up in advance, changes to the Program are not possible anymore.

If I am not able to present (either on-site or virtually) my paper, will it be published in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library?

As outlined in the Submission Guidelines of the Call for Papers, only accepted and presented papers will be copyrighted to IEEE and published in conference proceedings as well as in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. A non-attendance will be considered as a NO-SHOW/NOT PRESENTED and related papers are not being forwarded to the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.

In case of non-availability, you may ask a colleague to present your work and to be available for questions about it on your behalf.

I have registered as an on-site participant but due to unforeseen reasons, I cannot come to Prague. What should I do?

Please inform the conference organisers; the contact information is provided under Contact.

Can I chair a session remotely

Preferable session chairs/co-chairs should be on-site but that might not always be possible. Therefore, we also encourage that sessions are chaired virtually as outlined above.

In what format I can present my work on-site?

Microsoft PowerPoint and pdf files are supported on the presentation PCs.

What is the time zone of the conference?

The conference program shows the times in CEST. Therefore, mind your local time! If you are not in the CEST time zone, we recommend using a time zone conversation tool like to convert the conference time (in CEST) to your local time.